Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand. In Thailand, divorce is legal for a number of reasons and can proceed in an uncontested or disputed manner. In this post, we’ll go over the distinctions between contentious and uncontested divorces as well as some typical divorce causes. We’ll also examine the judicial costs associated with divorce proceedings.

Uncontested  Divorce

Consider an uncontested divorce in Thailand if you and your partner choose to end your marriage without going to court. The procedure is easy to follow and can be finished in a single day. Not only is it quick and simple, but it’s also among the least costly divorce forms in Thailand. You must have got married in Thailand and registered your marriage here in order to get an uncontested divorce in Thailand.

You and your spouse will be required to notify the provincial district office of your marriage during the first stages of the divorce process. The province in where you were born is where the marriage must be registered if you are a citizen of Thailand. Additionally, you need to update the name on your passport and national ID if you and your spouse have children together. If you and your husband agree on child custody, you can also get an uncontested divorce in Thailand provided you sign a formal agreement, have it attested by two people, and file it in the same district office where you were married.

Child Custody Allegations

In Thailand, disagreements about child custody during a divorce are usually resolved by consent. These agreements specify which parent will have primary custody of the children, as well as who will be entitled to visitation privileges and alimony payments. There are, nevertheless, some situations in which a court is necessary. These situations may involve a parent’s death or separation.

When making custody decisions, the Thai Family Court does not take religious distinctions into account. Instead, it takes the child’s happiness and well-being into account. To avoid paying child support, a non-custodial parent may choose to depart Thailand or even take refuge in their native nation. The child or children may have few options as a result of this.

Costs of Divorce Court Fees

In Thailand, you must file pleadings with the relevant Family Court in order to pursue a divorce. Prior to your case being docketed, you will also be required to pay court fees. These costs are computed as two percent of your entire claim. In addition, a court delivery fee will be required to cover the expense of serving your spouse with the summons. You will also be responsible for hearing costs. You will have to deduct less from your court fees the smaller your hearing expenditures are.

There are two primary categories of divorce in Thailand. Divorces can be either uncontested or contested. In the former case, the parties must provide a basis for the divorce. You need to provide proof that you are the rightful divorcee if you seek an uncontested divorce.

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