Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand is possible for a variety of reasons, and the process may be either contested or uncontested. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between contested and uncontested divorces, and discuss some common reasons for a divorce. Additionally, we’ll look at the court fees involved in divorce proceedings.

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse want to divorce without a court battle, you may want to consider an uncontested divorce in Thailand. The process is quick and simple and can be completed in one day. In addition to being quick and easy, it is also one of the least expensive types of divorce in Thailand. To obtain an uncontested divorce in Thailand, you must have married in Thailand and registered the marriage here.

During the initial divorce proceedings, you and your spouse will need to report your marriage to the provincial district office. If you are a Thai citizen, you must have the marriage registered at the same province as where you were born. In addition, if you and your spouse have children together, you must change the name on your National ID and passport. Uncontested divorces in Thailand are also possible if you and your spouse agree on child custody, as long as you both sign a written agreement, witnessed by two witnesses, and filed in the same district office where you married.

Child Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes during divorce in Thailand are typically settled by mutual consent. These agreements detail which parent will be in charge of the children and who will receive alimony payments and visitation rights. However, there are circumstances when a court is required. These circumstances can include separation and the death of one parent.

The Thai Family Court does not consider religious differences in custody decisions. Rather, it considers the welfare and happiness of the child. A non-custodial parent may decide to leave Thailand or even flee to their home country in order to escape the financial obligations of child support. This can leave the child or children with few options.

Court Fees for Divorce

When seeking a divorce in Thailand, you will have to file pleadings with the appropriate Family Court. You will also have to pay court fees before your case can be docketed. These fees are calculated at 2% of your total claim. You will also need to pay a court delivery fee, which covers the cost of delivering your summons to your spouse. In addition, you will have to pay hearing expenses. The lower your hearing expenses are, the less deductions you will need to make on your court fees.

In Thailand, there are two main types of divorce. There are uncontested and contested divorces. The former requires the parties to establish grounds for divorce. If you want an uncontested divorce, you must present evidence to prove that you have the right to divorce your partner.

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