Notary Public in Thailand

Notary Public in Thailand

Notary Public in Thailand. A Notary Public serves an important part in evaluating the legitimacy and veracity of documentation in the course of legal and commercial operations. As an epicenter of international business and commerce, Thailand has its own Notary Public service system, which is vital for authorizing and checking an extensive selection of legal […]

Power of Attorney in Thailand

Power of Attorney

A vital legal mechanism in the complicated realms of business and law is the Power of Attorney (PoA), which gives someone the right to act on behalf of another. Thailand recognizes and regulates the use of power of attorney, in accordance with its foreign engagements and dynamic economic circumstances. The following article digs into the […]

Thai Legal : Pattaya Office

If you are living in Pattaya or need more information to retire in Pattaya or live in Pattaya long term then speak to our solicitors in Pattaya. With offices in all the main cities of Thailand we are best able to assist you today with all your legal questions with regards to business, marriage, property […]