As with any visa application, the Thai ED visa can be very frustrating. Oftentimes, this results from unfamiliarity with Thailand’s immigration policies. The indirect effects of delays in visa issuance are far more expensive than the amount of money spent in paying the application fees. First, it equates to lost opportunities.

If you are living in Pattaya or need more information to retire in Pattaya or live in Pattaya long term then speak to our solicitors in Pattaya. With offices in all the main cities of Thailand we are best able to assist you today with all your legal questions with regards to business, marriage, property [...]

Getting married in Pattaya is easy however getting the marriage registered requires a trip to Bangkok for 2-3 days. Most do not do this and simply had all their documents in to our solicitors in Pattaya for attention. With our head office in Bangkok we are able to register your marriage faster than anyone else. [...]

Visiting Pattaya for longer than 1 month is going to need a Tourist Visa for Thailand and we can arrange this for you when you contact us. Plan your next visit to Thailand by obtaining all the  needed paperwork before hand and obtain your visa for your next visit to Pattaya today.

When most expats or foreigners get married in Thailand some do live in Pattaya however many move to the rural parts of Thailand such as Isaan. Where you live is not important however getting the paper work in order is. These are the basics.  

Everyone wants to own a business in Pattaya and most times it ends up being a bar or resturant. Over the past 5 years business has changed in Pattaya and what used to work before might not today. Internet cafes used to be big business until broadband came around and many ran into trouble.